Veterans' Day 2003
This year we had two activities during Veterans Day. On 11/10 we met at the Golden Corral in Cary for their annual Military Appreciation Dinner, and on 11/11 we participated in the Wake County Veterans Council Parade. After the parade we positioned the 4 vehicles along side the State Capitol Building, and kids and adults came over to ask questions, sit in them, and be photographed.

Cabell's M38 and Amnon's M35A2 at the Golden Corral
No, it's not a flash, these are Carnations in the gun's barrel!

Don's WC-52 at the Golden Corral

At the Golden Corral

US Navy JROTC Performing at the Golden Corral

US Navy JROTC Color Guard at the Golden Corral

Amnon's M35, Cabell's M38 and Andy's Ferret, lined up for the parade

Andy's Ferret waiting for the go ahead at the parade

Cabell's M38 driven by Sgt. Bullock, and Andy, waiting for the go ahead

Cabell carried a few WW2 vets in his M37

Courtney's WC-51, Willie

Andy's Ferret

Lined up by the Capitol

Kids and parents enjoying the M35