Veterans' Day 2004
11/11/04 we participated in the Wake County Veterans Council Parade. After the parade we positioned the 8 vehicles along side the State Capitol Building, and kids and adults came over to ask questions, sat in them, and got photographed.


Andy is inspecting his Ferret

Back of the lineup, Andy's Ferret, Amnon's M35, and Amnon's M1009

Back of the lineup again, but you can see Amnon's Ferret in the distance

Andy's Ferret and Amnon's M35

Amnon's Ferret

Startup lineup

Lineup after the parade

Andy says the Huey is fine

He is checking the instruments

Discussing his findings with Cabell, while the real Vietnam Chopper Pilots are getting ready to pack it in

At the Golden Corral in Cary